The Science Advisory Council’s responsibilities are to offer advice on the general research and educational goals of CIMRS that promote cooperation between university and federal agency researchers to make the most of collaborative opportunities at Hatfield Marine Science Center, in the Pacific Northwest, and globally.  We rely on the Council for guidance on emerging OSU research initiatives and NOAA mission goals for which CIMRS is well placed to merge synergy. Note: There are six vacanies on the SAC

David Noakes Chair

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Oregon State University
Specialty: fisheries behavior



Jerri Bartholomew

Department of Microbiology
Oregon State University
Specialty: parisitology


Image of Copeman

Louise Copeman

Assistant Professor
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
Specialty: lipids and climate change



Sarah Henkel

Asst. Professor
Hatfield Marine Science Center/IB
Oregon State University
Specialty: marine renewable energy



Christopher Parrish

 Assoc. Professor
 Civil and Construction Engineering
Oregon State University
Specialty: geomatics





Paul Wade

Research Biologist
National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Cetacean Assessment & Ecology Program
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Specialty: cetacean ecology
George Waldbusser photo

George Waldbusser

Asst. Professor
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
Specialty: ocean acidification
Laurie Weitkamp

Laurie Weitkamp

Research Fisheries Biologist
Conservation Biology Division
Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Specialty: conservation ecology

Michael A. Banks Ex Officio

Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies
Oregon State University
Specialty: genomics

Carol Stepien

Ocean Environment Research Division
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Specialty: evolutionary biology, biogeography, conservation genetics